Medical Assistant


Become a Medical Assistant

At UEI College, our Medical Assistant program can help you put your attention to detail and your people skills to work. The medical field is a fast-paced and fast-growing field where workers are called upon to perform a variety of tasks. And medical assistants are at the heart of it all, handling patients and preparing them for exams and procedures, as well as assisting doctors and nurses as needed.

Program Overview — Medical Assistant Diploma Program

When you enroll in UEI College’s Medical Assisting diploma program, you could be only 8 months away from an exciting career in the medical field. In that short amount of time you can prepare to embark on a career where you’ll work with people, handle medical records and interact with almost every aspect of the medical office environment. Learn skills in:

  • Taking patients’ vital signs
  • Collecting specimens
  • Instructing patients in healthcare practices
  • Taking medical histories from patients
  • Informing patients about what happens during exams and procedures
  • Preparing exam rooms and equipment
  • Assisting doctors during exams and procedures

Medical Assistant Career Outcomes

The Bureau of Labor Statistics* states that employment opportunities for medical assisting are expected to grow 29 percent from 2012 to 2022. As one of the fastest-growing jobs in the healthcare field, medical assisting offers workers a great deal of variety and flexibility. After you complete UEI College’s Medical Assisting program, you can work for most types of doctors, from general practitioners to specialists. Those with formal education in the field, like graduates of our program, will hold most of these positions. So get started now and secure your career in the healthcare field.


The Medical Assistant program is available at the following UEI College campuses:

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